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Portfolio available on Ouzooo. For samples please contact us.


Packaging design is not only about creating beautiful design, but also making it stand out from the crowd.  My specialty is brand design, and I will make sure the work reflects not only the quality of what you sell, but also the spirit of your brand as a whole.


Each brand has specific needs and I want to make sure we adapt the project offer to what you want. Send me a message and let’s discuss the project together.


We are available for consultation, quotes, or questions!

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About the Freelancer


I’m Eies,

I have been a graphic designer for over 14 years. I love my job, and I make sure I deliver beautiful and effective designs. I communicate very well with my clients, I listen to their needs and help them understand how to achieve their goals. Since my experience comes mostly from working in agencies, I understand the marketing aspect of branding. I have an extended portfolio available here for you to see, if you need additional samples let me know. I deliver fast, accurately and on brief. Please read my reviews to know what other clients think of me. 🙂


Great, Please send over what you have, and We will make sure the designs we create follow and enhance your brand identity. Please send us a message to discuss your specific needs before placing an order.

No Problem! We Create a logo and branding designer, We will help you create a robust system that will allow you to replicate the work across platforms and needs. Please send me a message and let’s discuss how we can take this project in a holistic way to make sure we create a tight brand.

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⚫ She is a true professional, amazingly talented - Published 2 weeks ago
⚫ We are very pleased with the branding she created for us- Published 4 days ago

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