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CouachD-his ability to take a vision and to carefully adapt
Semo-The end result is brilliant, and I would highly recommend anyone
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About the Freelancer


My name is Zoha. I am a filmmaker, musician, and young motivated artist.

I have a lot of knowledge and experience in everything related to video production.

from script, storyboarding, cameras, lenses, music, editing and etc.

I’m also very experienced with motion graphics and adding special VFX to videos.

I can fix problems that occurred on set too! like removing a sign or adding/remove objects in the frame.

I will deliver a professional video, combined with

Rough cut your edits

After effects motion graphics (Ouzooo Pro package)

Advanced color grading skills (Ouzooo pro package)

Sound design

Music remix (combine up to 3 songs)

Original music for corporate uses (Additional)


Animations and special VFX

Please talk with me and challenge me! My biggest satisfaction is to deliver results beyond the client’s expectations!


Sure i do, i’d love to see your footage and together we can come together with a costume offer assembling your needs.

I need all your footage, graphics, music, pictures, text (or any other materials you want me to use) the delivery time will only start its count after i receive all of your materials. this will help you get the most accurate result in less time.

 If for some reason we won’t be able to find the track, we would have to buy it in some other library, and in that case the track will be priced separately.

It doesn’t voice over and stock footage are purchased and priced separately according to your needs.

I use Avid Media Composer and Adobe After Effects

Yes I can! Contact me! I can produce your video from Script, Storyboard, DOP, Editing, Sound Design and adding Motion Graphics and VFX.

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